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Powered by tea

Over the past 6 years it has been my pleasure to work on a wide variety of great projects for researchers, NGOs and businesses all over the world. Over that time I've moved from dabbling in photography and html to being an expert in full blown CMS online solutions via search engine optimisation, analytics, online advertising, social media management and logo design.

I love pursuing new digital objectives, pushing my boundaries to reach your goals. I'll push you too of course, to make sure that you get the very best digital tools to meet your needs. All this will be accomplished fuelled by copious amounts of tea. Tea makes everything better.  

Wherever we are, together

The internet is a wonderful thing and whether I'm in Scotland or France or Ecuador I can help you whether you're in England or Switzerland or Thailand.

Using a couple of great online tools I'll keep you up to date with every aspect of your project so we can launch your website on time without any communication issues slowing us down. 


The pages of a creative digital agency might not be the first place you'd expect to be hearing about values, but to me it's important that we're working off the same page, with the same goals and, if you'll allow me to be a little cheesy, passion. 

My clients keep coming back, and that makes me very happy. I'll always work to make sure you are happy too. I've never had an unhappy client and I aim to keep it that way. It can take a lot of trust to put your digital future in my hands and I promise that you'll walk away more than satisfied. Then, when you're working on your next project, you'll know where to come. A long term digital relationship.

It's important too for me to mention the environment here. While digital technology is in many ways an environmentally friendly solution, reducing the need for travel or print for example, websites are not a carbon neutral option. All of my sites run on the greenest possible servers which engage with offsetting schemes to minimise impacts. I only use environmentally responsible printers and make use of recycled papers where possible. Generally I work remotely, so no heavy travel emissions.Not perfect I know, but better than nothing I hope and I'll keep doing my best to make things better.