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Project management tools

Keeping track of progress, how to report new feature requests or issues.


Your client admin

This site functions as your secure client admin space where the main project deliverables will be updated, with links to your secure file space. You might be asked to upload documents here, sign off on review process etc. You can log in at any time to see what we’re working on, and any questions (or if you would like anything added to the project delivery plan) just shout!


Your project log @trello

We use trello (a simple task management tool) to progress on specific parts of the work ahead. As you start to receive project deliverables and get to look around your new site this is where we’ll log new feature requests, new ideas, bugs and more. We’ll be able to have a conversation about specific elements of the project here to keep things tidy and avoid long complicated email trains!

Your trello board is here


Design review @projecthuddle

When you first receive access to your new branding or website page designs, you’ll be sent a link to a review tool. On this tool you can add specific comments which I can then track and resolve as they come through. Easy.